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At Neddaxs,

We are inspired
by you

Creating a website from the ground up is one of the most important steps you can take for your company. We know you need to stay competitive in a technological age, which is why we are honored you would choose to do business with us. We may be web developers, but it’s entrepreneurs like you that fuel us. You have an idea. We have the expertise.

In a year of a raging global pandemic, as lockdowns emerged and people stayed at home, we saw an opportunity to help small and large businesses alike create and refresh their brand online as society shifted toward working from home, shopping online, and connecting virtually.

Tanner & Demi prove the saying that two are better than one. On one hand, you have an efficient and talented developer. On the other, you have a creative and passionate content creator. Together, the couple created Neddaxs as a paradox: to offer the best affordable experience in web design and development.

Our Values

Creating your website, your way, has never been so easy

We're Always Listening

The core of any good relationship is to hear the other’s needs. Our dedicated team will gladly listen to any feedback, concerns, and ideas throughout the planning process. We’ll also keep you in the loop on your project’s development with weekly updates.

Design is the Rule, not the Exception

You should never have to choose between your software looking good or working right. Our talented designers will craft a stunning site so you can focus on growing your business and brand.

Your Vision is Our Goal

Your website should focus on your unique vision, not a reusable template. We promise to pursue your vision with absolute sincerity and passion, because your vision is our goal. With our experience, we’ll create a site you can be proud of.

The MVP is the Beginning, not the End

Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is your website’s skeleton. We’ll work to continuously maintain, patch, and update your software to ensure you stay competitive in an evolving market. Additionally, we’re here if you want to add new features or integrate new apps and tools in the future.


The Founders

CEO & Founder
CCO & Co - Founder

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